#5 Feb 29

I’m grateful for this day, not necessarily for the reason you might expect. Yes, it’s an extra day in the year. An extra day to catch up on things/go out/have fun/ get organised/make plans/get out of town/meet friends/start writing that novel – whatever tickles your extra-day fancy.

But, those things you can do ANY day, only if you really commit and decide you’re going to do something about your day.

Because, you can do something about ANY day, any time you like! You just need to decide to do it, stop your whining, and get on with it.

So, today I’m grateful to Feb 29. I’m grateful that this extra day has reminded me that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, take the steps to change my life whenever I feel ready to, and it doesn’t have to be on Feb 29. It could be March 1st, April 13th, July 28th or September 5th. It really doesn’t matter.

But you sure as hell should start now, and don’t even think about waiting these next few hours ’til March arrives… well, what are you waiting for? What do you want to do?

#4 Hubbie’s handwriting

Or should I say, Hubbie’s lovely handwriting.

Isn’t it awfully ironic (if I am indeed using this much-err’d expression correctly) that even though I am a writer, I have horribly inconsistent and scrawly writing?

I had to fill out a lengthy form today, and there was no avoiding the fact that I had to actually put pen to paper. Don’t get me wrong, I love the old-fashioned idea of writing things by hand, and receiving letters… but I need to be in a cool climate, with the right pen (medium), using rough paper – not too smooth – and preferably not hungry or tired…

Then, and only then, I might get lucky and start writing really well after 2 pages.

Today I was desperate, rushed, not feeling well, and after a few unsuccessful attempts at filling out this form, and holding my head in my hands, Hubbie asked “do you want me to do it for you?”

I am so grateful for his penmanship.


#3 Freeways

Or as some call them, highways.

Many complain of today’s too-prevalent concrete jungles, and though the metal-grey is not at all in any regard ‘lovely’ compared to the deep blue oceans and pristine greens of our forests, one can’t argue they have no worth.

The freeway is what gives my Hubbie more time to sleep in the morning before taking it to work, and what helps him come home to us faster at the end of the day; it helped me cut down on time and unnecessary traffic as I took my parents into the city today for an appointment; and it just linked us with my cousins on the other side of town, making the already long hike somewhat easier.

Advancements are not always a bad thing. I’m grateful for things that make life easier.

#2 Hard Drive

Today I am grateful for my hard drive. Holding up to 10,000 photos and counting, it means I can be at peace knowing all my memories are tucked away, for you know, in case I need to go back and get that 4th angle of our then 2 week old baby girl as she stretched so adorably.

Hoarder I am.

#1 Car Crash

Today I am grateful for the fact that when that dude hit my new car yesterday, 20 minutes into my first EVER time driving it, that he hit the rear passenger door and not the rear corner… this makes it easily replaceable.

For that, I am grateful.