#6 My daughter

I’ve had quite a disappointing afternoon. I received a phone call, saying that essentially, I was in the wrong for the car accident, which also meant, I would have to pay the excess.

$650 is not something to sniff at. $650 is harder to swallow when I was following road rules, I performed a legal U turn, and yet somehow, the guy who rammed into my side is protected, because just that – it was a U turn.

Today, the road rules have really let me down. In effect, they’ve let off a man who saw me coming and didn’t put on his brakes. I didn’t see him. He saw me. I was legal. He had a give way sign. And still, he’s protected.

I had a really big cry after I got off the phone. I was just so upset. I was upset at the situation. I was upset I hadn’t seen him, so that I could have avoided this whole mess. I was upset at the insurance company, at the road rules… it was all getting to me.

I was so caught up in my sad thoughts, in crying, that I couldn’t help myself from feeling more sad, and crying more.

Then my darling daughter came up to me, and planted a big kiss on my cheek.

I smiled through tears, thanked her, and moved to another room to feel sorry for myself in another space and cry some more. She followed me when I sat on the couch, and proceeded to plant more kisses on my cheek through my wet face.

On a day, and at a time when I’m scared to move or breathe or do anything because for some unknown reason, shit just keeps happening… I am so thankful to have her as my daughter. She is priceless.

She is gold, the greatest riches of the world, the most beautiful of sunrises and the most stunning of sunsets, all in tangible form. She is an angel sent from heaven, to enrich our lives and fill us with unimaginable joy. She is here to inspire us, to show us how to have fun, to give life greater meaning and depth. She is here to teach us, and to remind us of what our purpose is. She is ours, and when she kissed me so softly to ease my sadness, that look in her eyes saying ‘this will make it better.’…. well, it did my sweetheart.

I may have lost the car cause, but I gained the world when I had her.

At some of the hardest times of our lives, she has been there to make us laugh through tears. She is truly, heaven sent.

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