#7 Principles

I’m so grateful I have these.

Basically, I feel like a bit of an Erin Brockovich right now, fighting back against the odds, the big wigs, the final say, and someone on the other side has just said “you may just be right.”

The fight is not over. I’m so happy that I listened to that inner voice in me, the one that told me not to give up, the one that wasn’t content with just moving on and accepting I was in the wrong. Because I wasn’t in the wrong. I know that now more than ever.

It’s hard to stay true to yourself, and stick to your guns in the face of adversity, when people tell you that you’re not right. Your confidence is blown and you feel knocked off your perch, unable to clamber back on. I’ve been under the weather, and had all manner of distractions thrown at me, as if the Universe is testing me…

Well Universe? How did I perform this round?

Despite what happens in the end, I’m so glad I listened to that voice. My principles brought me here, and they will take me out.

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