#10 Coffee

I knew it wouldn’t be long until this caffeinated beverage reached the gratitude posts hall of fame.

Seriously. Today, I was super-cranky, just because, car shit, and lack of sleep due to baby girl suddenly being scared at night and convincing her over a 2 and a half hour period that she should go back to sleep in her cot, with a posse of stuffed animals gathered around her. I went back to sleep after that, but still, woke up with my head in a cloud.

Cranky, cranky, cranky all day. Then 3pm hit. The usual coffee-time hit with Hubbie post his work shift.

And as I took a sip of that home made brew, suddenly, everything was alright. Then Smooth Criminal came on the music channel, and I was like…. shit. MJ will appear in another gratitude post, be assured.

Oh man. I love you coffee. You save my soul on sooo many an occasion. It’s not even funny.

When I was pregnant, (and then after that breastfeeding) and couldn’t drink alcohol, there was coffee. When I’m tired: coffee. Need inspiration? Coffee. Perk before heading out – you guessed it, coffee. Just feel like it on a Sunday morning, because no reason needed?


I am so grateful for coffee. Life is so much sweeter because of it.

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