#12 Hope

It’s a little early into the gratitude journey – for my liking anyway – to be pulling out the Hope card. But it has been a rollercoaster of a ride lately, this past month… and so Hope is something I grasp onto when times get particularly tough.

I’ve done a lot of in-depth life analysis into the concept of Hope, for a number of reasons. My conclusion has been this: if you have Hope, you have something. When all else is lost, you’re down in the dumps, and you can’t see any where out of your miserable predicament, the small possibility of Hope – however small it may be – will be enough to keep you going.

Whether it’s your scared, sleepless child, suddenly making it through 7 hours of the night without waking; a strangle-hold of a cold you have easing off; or bad memories fading away and making room for the fresh possibilities of the future: in any circumstance, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that things get better – it’s that the troubling things lessen, lose their weight, their meaning, their significance.

Just a hint of it is enough. I don’t need my life to turn around to feel better. Just a small indicator, or a little sign, is enough to get me breathing normally again.

It’s this small glimpse of things making an improve, that I call Hope.

Some days, Hope is all we have.

But my, what a mighty thing it is. Alone, it can keep us moving. And that’s a feat in itself.


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