#15 The Solitude of Rain

Melbourne being the rollercoaster weather ride it is, following a few scorchers, today it’s raining.

It’s also been a pretty shitty day for me. It started off with very little sleep (enough to put anyone into a cranky state), a minor scare with baby girl, then multiple missed entrances and exits, on the way to and then from an appointment… add to that a long drive home, lotsa lotsa traffic, getting rained on while getting baby girl, and then bags and crap and stuff out of the car…

And now, here I am.

2016-03-10 16.49.25

I actually love the rain. I’m loving this peaceful moment, watching it fall, processing the day, contemplating life, taking in the caffeine, and just being still.

Just because I hate the cold, doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of rain. I love rain. The two are very different and actually, quite distinct from one another.

And I’m just loving this moment right now.

It’s been a trying day, which makes me so much more grateful for this sliver of time: rain falling; being still; breathing.

Peace + coffee + rain = heaven.

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