#16 Time-outs

2016-03-11 22.55.06

I just have to point out, that I’ve been struggling to think of a gratitude post for today. It’s not that I haven’t been grateful for anything… it’s just finding something novel to capture the day with, that’s the hard bit. Often it’s the little, everyday things that make me happy: baby girl, coffee, writing. For the sake of this challenge though, I cannot repeat.

As I stood there in the dark of baby girl’s room, willing her to fall asleep, I was still thinking. The stand out moment came to me as I remembered when it was during the day that I felt appreciative. And that was when I was alone.

That might sound awfully selfish, and don’t get me wrong, being a Mum is awesome. It’s also full on: hard, and trying, and testing, and ongoing. And going. And going. I wouldn’t change it for the world, but it’s nice when you find spaces during the day for yourself.

I say spaces, as if it’s plural. Lie. The only space I had today was when she was napping in the late afternoon. Only during that time, and now as she (hopefully) sleeps, can I do what I want. It’s such a difficult thing. Mums complain of always being tired, yet when their children are asleep, sleep itself is the last thing they want to do. They’d rather gain some ‘me’ time and just chill out.

For me, whether it’s scrolling through my facebook news feed (time-waster I know), writing ANYTHING, surfing the web, or flicking through a mag, I am always so grateful for that little sliver of time. I try to make the most of it. Even though sometimes I just need to sit on the couch and catch up on Bold and the Beautiful eps.

Those moments are precious. I am so grateful to have those slivers of time.

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