#18 Madonna

2016-03-14 12.43.30

Well, you know.

I am so, so, so grateful to have had the amazing opportunity to see this icon in concert the other night. I’ve been into Madonna and her music since I was a pre-teen, however I was further intrigued by her when I learnt she and I shared the same birthday.

I felt this instant affiliation with her. I don’t go around writhing on stage and wearing cone bras, but, I could just feel her. Get her. I understood her actions.

And, after all these years, I saw the queen herself, in her fucking finest.

There’s something liberating about the word ‘fuck.’ And my does Madonna drop ‘f’ bombs here, there and everywhere. I don’t mind a good ‘fuck,’ and when I hear a fellow woman swear without inhibition, I stand up and applaud. You go girl.

She sang new songs, old songs, and even the song I fell in love with and acted out all those years ago. I mean, how special is it to be acting out ‘Material Girl’ in your parents’ living room, and then be singing along with the lady herself about 20 years later?

Coincidence that she landed in Melbourne on International Women’s Day?!

I am so fucking grateful for last night. I can’t even.

(Late post I know… I know my challenge is for a gratitude post each day, but I didn’t say I’d post every day…. only kidding. That is my intention, just day trip, long weekend and this chick called Madonna got the better of my time… and it wasn’t like I didn’t post for lack of grateful-ness content 😉 )

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