#20 Handwritten letters

‘Are you from the 19th century?’ you cry. Handwritten letters? Does such a thing even exist, in a world of at-your-fingertips ipads, mobile devices, and tablets?

One of my closest friends suggested this idea a while ago, in none other than an at-your-fingertips messenger conversation, of the group of us. ‘Us,’ meaning the 6 girls that graduated high school together, have shared milestones and memories aplenty, that same group of girls that said our kids would be playing together in the future, and now lo-an-behold, they actually are.

It’s pretty cool. We’re different, yes. We may not agree on all things, yes. But this thing, called history, called coming-of-age, called memories, keep us tightly-wound together no matter what direction we go, or what sea separates us. In the end, intrinsically, we’re the same. We’re bound by the same foundations.

Anyway, my bestie suggested in this conversation that we write handwritten notes to each other: she said she had read the idea in a recent book. Me thinks it was from the book ‘Big Magic’ that she leant to me, that I’m currently reading AND LOVING. I might write to her and ask her 😉

Anyway, we all loved the idea of old-fashioned, handwritten letters to one another, and after working out a system of how we would write to each other with each person receiving a letter, the letter-writing has commenced.

I am yet to put pen to paper. I know, I know. Slack/busy. Yet I am grateful to be partaking in such an amazing and unique, though very simple idea, and also for the fact that today I received my second letter 🙂

I love how these writing projects just gravitate towards me. I am grateful for that, and for the opportunity to connect to my girls in yet another avenue of communication.

It’ll give me ample opportunity to practice some penmanship too…

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