#21 Little things

Hubbie brought this home today.

2016-03-16 19.01.09

It really is the little things. Well look, don’t get me wrong, BIG things are important in a relationship: love, respect, honesty.

But then they are the little things. And like a jar of shiny precious marbles, these little things are like finely crystallized sand from the most precious of untrodden desserts, filling the rest of the jar up until it is completely whole.

These crystallized bits of sand come in the form of random flowers, for no other reason than to say ‘I care,’ or ‘I know you’ve been having a tough time lately.’

They come in the form of a text message, telling me how much I mean to him, reminding me of a sweet memory from long ago.

They come in the form of a ticklish prod to my side, irritating me yet showing me that he wants to be near.

And they also come in the form of a random packet of doughnuts, from the local petrol station after he’s just filled up the car tank.

It also so happens that today is the anniversary of the day he proposed.

The little things, are often the big things. I am grateful for them.

(Note: I am acutely aware that I have posted a photo of a bag of doughnuts 2 days (and posts) after swearing off sweets…. 1. I have remained off the sugar and processed goods for this time, easily in fact, and 2. I did say I would allow myself to indulge with Hubbie. I am human).



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