#22 Tickle-fests

They always occur when baby girl has been really cheeky and won’t cooperate with me. It’s my version of ‘I’ll let you have it,’ and I grab her and tickle her with both hands, while she squeals with delight. If I stop, she’ll open her mouth wide and go “ahhh!” because she wants me to ‘eat her’ in our tickle-fest. And so I pretend to eat her, nibbling on her neck, arms, legs, face, tickling her at the same time, until I stop, exhausted.

And though she can’t catch up with her laughter to the point that she has now gained hiccups, she’ll go “ahhh!” again.

On days like today, where we have power struggles (the terrible twos are real! Believe it), tantrums, quick escapes, kicking, and constant yelling for my FULL attention, I am grateful for these tickle-fests. It’s a counter-balance to all the former, and not only bonds us, but gives me memories to chersh forever. She may not remember this time of her life, being so young, but even if her memories fade, I believe the love and fun we share will be a feeling that will endure for always. It’ll just be there, and she won’t even be able to explain why, or how, she feels that way.

All from a tickle-fest.

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