#23 Peanut Butter

2016-03-18 16.20.34

I was tossing up which topic to write about today – babysitters, my MIL, or Karma. And then I had peanut butter and honey on bread with my coffee, and all 3 of those other things went out the window.

I think, every time I have peanut butter, I’m surprised. I think I know how good it’s going to taste, but then it tastes SO MUCH BETTER. I love it because not only is it creamy and delicious on its own, but being a sweet/salty fan I love pairing it with honey. On toast, it’s even better. Try it 🙂

So today, I’m grateful for this deliciously simple spread. Like the person who discovered coffee beans, or the person who thought it clever to get cheese mouldy enough in order for it to become brie, extra kudos today go out to the chief who ground peanuts into a powder before adding other fine additions, leading it to the buttery spread we use today. Yummo.

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