#24 Baby girl’s hugs

I’m feeling a bit sad and sorry for myself right now. The day hasn’t turned out quite as I planned. It all started off well and good, but now, sitting here at my laptop in my pjs on a Saturday night, instead of partying it up at a big birthday bash on the other side of town… well, you get the picture.

So, I’m trying my best to think of something to be grateful for. And even though baby girl is the reason I am here now, and not there, I won’t be upset at her. No way. I will think back to this morning, when she gave me hug, after hug, after hug, and I will smile, and think ‘really, it’s all ok.’ Because it is. I love her hugs, and I love even more that they come to me unasked.

Those wide-arm’d hugs that come at me like she’s trying to take all of me in in her little arms. The little ‘oh!’ she does at the end for emphasis. How she leans her head in ever so slightly, resting against my shoulder. Those hugs are invaluable.

I know it’s not an all-or-nothing situation, but if I had to make the choice, I would rather her hugs over any party. Parties will come and go, but her hugs are priceless. Even if she hugged me for hours each and every day, it would still not be enough. I’ll take all the hugs and kisses I can get, before she gets too cool for Mum.

She is showing me her love, and that, means the world.

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