#28 Kind stranger at Aldi

I came across this woman roughly half an hour after having a massive monster-Mummy moment.

If my neighbours had been anywhere near our vicinity, they would have heard the roar of the devil as I tried to wrangle arms and legs into baby girl’s car seat. It was not my finest moment.

I calmed down on the way over to the shops with her to grab a few things, but I wasn’t impressed. Yes, baby girl has been acting up lately, but the one I wasn’t happy with was myself. After apologising to her (something the older generation would have NEVER done with their kids) we headed into Aldi.

We were standing behind this woman in line, and she first smiled at baby girl, and then baby girl caught on to the Mummy-vibe (something she does so well) and started playing peek-a-boo with her from around my legs. The lady said she was adorable, before adding that yes, she could see she was cheeky, going from my earlier comment.

“Enjoy this stage,” this lady I had just met told me. “It passes too quickly.”

“Yeah,” I said with a little laugh. “It just seems to last too long when we’re going through terrible twos!”

She smiled. “You’ll love it. Trust me.”

I could tell this lady was speaking from experience, but she reiterated it when she mentioned she had an 11 and 13 year-old of her own.

We waved to the lady after she paid, baby girl beaming at her.

I find it funny that so many mother’s with older children are telling me “enjoy this phase.” I feel like asking them ‘did you enjoy waking up all hours, dealing with tantrums, random whinging, and clinginess throughout the whole day?’

No, I answer for myself. But they have seen both stages, and so really I should take heed of their advice, given their wide-ranging experiences, right?

I think I know the answer myself. There is such innocence and wonder about a young child’s life, their newfound perspective and excitement at everything, the learning, the incredible development, the wanting ALL of your attention because they love you so damn much…

Yep, I answered it for myself.

Thanks Aldi lady. I’m grateful I bumped into you today. I think I was meant to… you reminded me of a few invaluable home-truths.



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