#35 Playing made-up games with her

There’s this little game I created spontaneously with baby girl, about a week or two ago. In trying to get her to talk some more, I use this little man on a carriage, and he carries in his cart behind him some corn and some lettuce. I get her to do the “ready, set go!” action for him to begin his ‘delivery’ trip, and I also prompt her to action “open” for when he is in front of a ‘closed’ gate. Then he goes around to her various leggo friends and stuffed toys that I’ve spaced around the floor, and he asks each of her toys which they would eat: corn or lettuce? Sometimes they devour it. Sometimes he mows them over with his cart. And other times he chases baby girl around! I also get her to action “more,” if he suddenly stops his delivery.

What is so special about this is that this random game I created gives her endless entertainment. She LOVES the game, and not only do I gain gratitude from playing with her, but in knowing that something I created, makes her so happy.


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