#36 The A-Z April challenge

I’ve seen many of these challenges since starting my blogging adventure. I guess it was a combination of none of them really speaking to me/it not being the right time to partake in one, due to life/time/whatever.

Last night, I saw a blog post on my Reader by Daily Write. It mentioned the A-Z April Challenge, and as I scoured over it quickly, something, I can’t even remember what, for some reason, caught my eye.

I did a bit of research, read into it, and because I was feeling low, decided to sleep on it. But still, as I lay in bed, I knew I had made up my mind.

Today I’m feeling crappy and tired and all crampy, so making this decision, even though it’s not far from the direction of this blog, has been hard. It’s hard to motivate yourself and get excited about something when you’re not in the right mindframe for it. Nevertheless I’m partaking in this challenge for the month of April, so beginning tomorrow, my posts’ direction will slightly change…

Being a gratitude blog, I will combine my everyday blog posts with the April Challenge, by posting a different item of gratitude for every alphabet letter… so tomorrow will be something of gratitude starting with the letter ‘A,’ then Saturday I will post something of gratitude starting with the letter ‘B’ and so on. Because Sunday is the only day in the week considered an ‘off’ day for the challenge where you do not post, it does not mean I’ll be doing the same! I’ll just continue on with my normal gratitude post on this day, and then resume with the challenge in my gratitude theme on Monday.

I’ve always tried to look for an item of gratitude in the day I am blogging about it. I don’t know if it will be hard to do this when it is wired alphabetically, so to speak… I mean, when I get to ‘W,’ how hard will it be to think of something I’m grateful for starting with that letter on that particular day? What if the Weather is shit that day? Whales? What is the likelihood I’ll end up at the Aquarium? I don’t do White water rafting. Hmmm.

But, that is why it’s called a challenge. I’m excited to jump on board, and look forward to the people and amazing blogs I KNOW I will come across.

Thank you challenge, for kicking me up the bum. As busy as I am, I think I need something like this.

2 thoughts on “#36 The A-Z April challenge

  1. Perhaps you will feel grateful for Waffles or the silly mustache on a Walrus’s face. Or maybe the simple pleasure of walking. I can think of a number of Ws. Not so sure about the Zs. Good luck to you on the challenge. I look forward to reading more.


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    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your interesting suggestions! On second thought, I realised the other day just how easy the letter W is compared to X! LOL


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