(#37) A-Z April Challenge: A – Absence

People take many things and immediately categorise them into one of two categories. Bad/good. Happy/sad. Up/Down. Dark/light.

Not that this can’t be the case, many times. But often there is much grey in between the two opposing categories, and also, one category does not often mean to always be the preferred or more esteemed category. Rather, it is about perspective.

It’s always about perspective.


Today I am grateful for Absence.

I sat at the coffee shop, grateful for the absence of cramping and pain that I felt yesterday. I knew my parents and baby girl were around the corner, they watching her while she played on one of those shopping centre play grounds, but temporarily, I was grateful for their absence too. I spooned some creamy froth around in my cappuccino, thinking how yesterday I hadn’t had any coffee, and that it’s absence yesterday, made me feel so much more appreciative today.


I breathed into my chair, and observed one of those stalls set up in the middle of shopping centres, with salespeople trying to get passersby to scratch a ticket and win (for a later fee and hidden twist no doubt). I watched in amusement as people walking by tried to avoid them. I was close enough to see one lady merely stare at a salesgirl as she walked on by, while another Mum with her two kids pretended to not see them and conveniently looked into the coffee shop I was in, though she didn’t follow through and enter.

I wondered if those two women wished the salespeople were absent.


3 thoughts on “(#37) A-Z April Challenge: A – Absence

  1. I always avoid those in the shopping centre on the rare occasion I am in one… I think most of them have a sixth sense and don’t actually try to engage with me. I try not to be rude, but I don’t always succeed… I like the way you started with A and wish you lots of luck with the challenge.

    Mars xx
    @TrollbeadBlog from
    Curling Stones for Lego People

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    1. Thank you for your wishes! I have now succumbed to getting out my phone and starting a pretend conversation when I pass these people, I just can’t handle being stopped and having to be polite for 5 minutes while my daughter climbs all over the trolley! The things we do 🙂


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