(#40) The A-Z April Challenge: C – Coffee Run

Ha. You thought because I’d already posted about my deep profound gratitude for coffee that I wouldn’t do another coffee post? Well I haven’t. Let me, in this and my other blog, and for the rest of my life, count ALL THE WAYS in which I love and am grateful for it.

One of them, is the thrilling morning coffee run. Better done when it is at work, because you know, avoiding work. The coffee run is so magical, made even more so when you have at least one colleague with you, and you gasbag and chat and bitch a little about all your work woes.

Today’s morning coffee run, brought to you by me and my two work colleagues:

“Can you believe no one told me I had to do that? I looked like an idiot when Man A came in and asked me for X and Y.”

“What? You’re kidding me, there was no communication about what you had to do?”

All of us break up laughing.

“Oh no! That’s right, I forgot. I’m a mind-reader, I’m meant to be able to know what you want without you telling me.”

More sarcasm, laughter, and work-purging followed. It was bloody brilliant.

I am so so so grateful for the coffee run. It is almost as good as the coffee. Like I have written about before, the coffee run is to coffee what Friday is to Saturday, Spring is to Summer – the anticipation of the event is often much greater than the event itself. Anticipation is a powerful emotion, and in some cases undervalues whatever it has built up to due to the sheer amount of pressure to be awesome! placed upon the event, however, it still rocks.

Anticipation is a drug. Just as the sun, weekends, and coffee is. And the coffee run is something everyone needs in their life. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, the coffee run may just convert you with it’s champagne-cork-about-to-pop vibe.

All you need is at least one other person, some work drama – and go. And don’t forget the cap with one thanks.


5 thoughts on “(#40) The A-Z April Challenge: C – Coffee Run

  1. I really enjoy buying coffee when I travel by train, I don’t do it normally, but it becomes a treat thing for me. Especially as I’m quite fussy over tea and so many outlets do tea so badly, but most places have cracked a decent coffee a long time ago so it’s generally safer!

    Mars xx
    @TrollbeadBlog from
    Curling Stones for Lego People

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