(#41) The A-Z April Challenge: D – Duck

There’s nothing overwhelmingly deep or metaphorical about this one. No multi-layered meaning, no reading between the lines to find the true meaning.

Ducks, make me smile. Because my baby girl says the word so sweetly.


The word springs forward, let loose from its cage like a racing horse, the same way it is when she says “truck,” or “park.”

Even cuter is when we quote the opener to the kid’s show Sarah and Duck, where every time after the narrator says “Sarah and Duck,” the Duck, quacks. Seeing as he repeats this four times, when I do the narrator’s part and she quacks obediently, exactly on cue, four times…

I mean, how can you not like ducks after that?


(When I smile, it means I am happy, and when I am happy, it means I am grateful for the moment.)


2 thoughts on “(#41) The A-Z April Challenge: D – Duck

  1. I considered Duck for today but not for nearly as sweet a reason. I’ve been sorting and packing and have a whole box of ducks. Decoys, stuffed ducks, ceramic ducks, a duck phone,, duck pictures, duck figurines, ducks ducks ducks. Even a little animated Easter duck. Who knew my folks had so many ducks?

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    1. Ha ha! My daughter would have been quack quack quacking all over the place at the sight of that! They are very cute animals, obviously endeared by your folks, rightly so!


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