(#42) The A-Z April Challenge: E – Everything

Starting a post saying I’m grateful for Everything probably sounds like my gratitude blog is going to end right here and now. No it won’t. I was thinking endlessly about this vowel letter today, and the word ‘Everything’ came to me… and then I realised, yeah, at this moment in my life, I am grateful for Everything.

I don’t say this in a boastful way. I don’t say this implying my life is perfect. We really wanna move house. It’s getting way crampy where we are. My car (if you want some backstory on that, and the inception of this site, check out my How This All Started in the sidebar) is still damaged, still awaiting repair, while I drive my old car which is literally falling to pieces. And there are plenty of incomplete projects around, from little things like bits and pieces to do around the house, to the fact that we would like to expand our family at some stage this year. We’re always busy busy busy.

But, at this moment in time, I really am grateful for everything. Although our house is bursting with us, our personalities and our stuff – but we’re making beautiful memories. I may have a new car with a dented door, but hey, at least I have a new car waiting for me. I can’t wait to actually drive it. I have plenty of things to do, things to write about, blog posts waiting for me to sit down and get to it, photos to develop, blah blah blah… but these things keep me sane and busy and HAPPY.

I walked in to the doctor’s foyer today to meet with my parents… and hey, we were meeting at the doctor’s, but still it was so lovely to come in and see them sitting side by side waiting for me. The love evident between them, the warmth I felt when I walked over… I loved that moment.

Yesterday baby girl and I visited my sister and her family. Baby girl cried her eyes out when we left her place, she wanted her Aunty to follow us home! She already loves her Aunty the way I do.

I love my family, my husband, my daughter… yes we would like to expand our brood, but the way life is now, where we chase baby girl around shopping centres when she decides to run away from us every 5 minutes, yelling at her to stop jumping on the couch, and telling her to go back to sleep when she wakes 3am in the morning… these are challenges, but I wouldn’t change them for the world.

I have a flexible part-time job, something unheard of for many. It allows me to write in my spare time – that is, the spare time not inhabited by baby girl 🙂 I have great friends and loving relationships with my extended family. True, in recent times I have questioned many of these relationships, and wondered whether we are moving apart more than we are moving forward together.

But when I count the number of people on my fingers who I know have my back, who will always be there for me and my family… I fill up the fingers on both hands. That’s huge. People who you don’t doubt for anything in the world, knowing they will be there for you always… 10 individuals? WOW.

I’m grateful for all of these things, and I will probably make separate posts about all of these people and things when I feel the need, the urge, if I haven’t already… but what I’m talking about here is the all-encompassing feeling of appreciation for all of them combined.

I don’t have it all, my life isn’t perfect… but what I’m saying is, all in my life at the moment, Everything I have, is Enough for me, and I am grateful for All of it.

That’s pretty perfect if you ask me.


2 thoughts on “(#42) The A-Z April Challenge: E – Everything

  1. I love this post since I think that it’s all the small things that make life much more worthwhile than the big fancy things. Even the less than wonderful things can bring good things into life. I am impressed I love that this is your 42nd post and you still seem fresh and full of great ideas.

    I tried to do a similar challenge a few years ago – though mine was only for 21 days. I made it eleven. It’s not that I’m not grateful for the little things or that I don’t think it’s important to remind myself of them. There was a time, after I was seriously injured, that I thought I would never lose the sense of gratitude for the small, yet really important things. And sometimes, when I’m feeling down or frustrated with limitations, I do remind myself. A forced daily awareness ends up feeling too artificial for me, yet I also think it’s helpful. But when I do daily gratitude, I end up with things like “I’m grateful for bananas” because I ate a banana for breakfast. Perhaps what I need to do for me is to find a way to remind myself more often.

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  2. It really is the small things, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m up to 40-something, yet some days I do struggle, and at the moment finding something of gratitude to match with the relevant letter to match up with the A-Z challenge, is a real challenge! I do sometimes wonder whether things will get boring and repetitive, but I try to remind myself that there is abundance in everything, and that you can be grateful for the same thing, but from many different perspectives and in many different ways. I may just be grateful for bananas yet!
    Thank you for your comments, it’s always so nice when you hear from others in the blogging world. I have to say though it is difficult at times, I am enjoying this challenge. I hope you are too 🙂


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