(#43) The A-Z April Challenge: F – “F%^k”

So, you get the picture.

I really hope I don’t offend anyone here. But I’m being true to myself, so I won’t lie… there is nothing more satisfying than a good “f%$k.”

Now hang on. Just wait. What I’m talking about very specifically here is the expression. Most people see me as a very sweet, friendly, quiet type of gal. A bit of an introvert, to those that don’t know me well. One that would never offend or upset anyone. A people pleaser. Smiling. Helpful. A go-to girl for whatever you need.

And then an email comes through at work to all the members of our department, from an incompetent bastard, and I’ll say loud enough for them to hear “Are you f*&king kidding me?”

Being the often-clumsy person I am, I’ll knock my foot into the bed (note: always) and swear under my breath “f#*king hell! Ouch!”

And I’ll be driving behind some snail in the right-hand lane doing 10 under the speed limit in peak hour, and I’ll motion to him like “can you f%^king drive any faster you arse?”

Yep, I think you get the picture.

I actually, swear more than hubbie. I try to curb it around baby girl, and she’s not repeating everything we say, just yet. But I just find, no matter what other expressive negative term for a ridiculous event or being I use, there is nothing more satisfying than when a flying “f$%k” comes throttling out of your mouth with such force that you immediately feel whatever frustration you feel unloading ten fold.

I know what some writers out there say. They say that you’re not that good of a writer if you submit to swear words rather than other words that are not profane. I struggle with this concept since I’m writing my YA series, and I want to try to capture the speech of the ‘youth,’ while not pissing off their parents at the same time.

If you swear in your writing, you are not trying hard enough. You are lazy. You’re not very good at all. In fact, you probably shouldn’t be writing.

I blatantly ignore these people. I figure it’s all about the balance. You don’t go nuts using foul language in every second sentence of the page; but only if you find it necessary, if you feel it really adds to the character or situation.

Like real life I suppose.

So whether in writing, or the real world, I am grateful for this word. For a word to hold such expression and make me feel so much better after the fact of uttering it…

Well Fuck.




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