(#44) The A-Z April Challenge: G – Greeting

I think first impressions are so important. That’s not to say that you can’t undo what someone may think about you if you happened to come across them in a particularly shit mood. It may just take that much longer to change their opinion, and most likely, even if you ended up the bestest of friends, that first ‘grumpy’ image of you is sure to remain in their minds for as long as they know you.

Greetings are equally just as important. I’ve recently been privy to see first-hand how a truly welcoming greeting can make you feel. I’ve said to Hubbie after the fact “see how they greeted us? I want to be like that when people come over.” I’m not being fake or anything, I just want to be more of what I know I can be. I want to be the most hospitable hostess with the mostest.

It’s not even about how much food you put on the table, or how drunk you get your visitors… it’s about the smile that greets them after they knock on your door, the open arms that say ‘come in!’ and the happiness that is exuded all around. That’s the greeting that rings truer than anything else.

I witnessed the best greeting today: between child, and grandparents. (And if you can’t guess by now that I’m referring to baby girl and my parents, you are obviously new).

I had been at the doctor’s with my Dad while my Mum babysat a sleeping baby girl. Mum had arrived while she was napping, so baby girl didn’t even know anyone different was around.

We got home a couple of hours later (because no doctor’s visit ever runs on time), and within moments of my Dad and I coming in, chatting to my Mum, and putting the kettle on for a coffee, in the background of the escalating kettle pressure I heard a muffled, though distinct cry.

When I opened the door, baby girl was standing in the portacot, peering amidst the hanging owls from the portable mobile swaying around her head, craning her neck and trying to work out who I had been talking to. When my Mum peered around the corner seconds later, the smile and laugh baby girl gave to her was contagious. She smiled widely, with her current laugh that is akin to someone being given the best thing in the world and being so happy they can’t contain themselves any longer. It’s a laugh where it sounds forced, but it just sounds that way because it’s a deep, excited laugh.

And then, despite the fact we had been talking doctor-talk and health issues and all those kinds of surgical topics, both my parents were genuinely happy and excited to play with baby girl. They usually see each other twice a week, but it had now been a week between them, and with all the hugs and kisses that were exchanged, it warmed my heart to a truly tingly state just to see how much they had clearly missed one another.

That greeting by baby girl though… emotions like that can not lie.


6 thoughts on “(#44) The A-Z April Challenge: G – Greeting

  1. I love little people and how open they are. I’m reminded that we don’t learn how to trust. We’re born trusting. We learn how not to trust. I know we have to learn that but it’s wonderful to watch children while they’re still so open.

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    1. I agree. She is at such a trusting and beautiful stage, and it kills me that one day I need to tell her to be more careful. It’s so sad but true.


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