(#45) The A-Z April Challenge: H – Help

It’s past midnight, so technically I’m late with the challenge, but I also figure I’m not… somewhere in the world it’s April 9th, right? Saturdays are always a hard day to post, challenge or no challenge. But here I go, post 12:18am, typing away.

Help is something we all as humans need so much of, yet so many of us are unwilling to ask for it. Whether due to pride, we think we know better, or we don’t like to burden others with our requests, we just love to put pressure on ourselves to do it all. I’ve always tried to do things for myself since leaving high school, getting married, and it was no different entering Mumhood, when there were many times I didn’t listen to my parents or my MIL about what to do with a new baby.

It sounds ridiculous, but it happens everyday. There are grandparents being created all over the world, and they’re all telling their children “wrap them like this,” “hold them like that,” “try feed them this.” And yet we DO NOT LISTEN. We stupidly don’t listen to the people who raised us in a half-decent manner, even though we have absolutely no idea what to do with a 2 day-old baby that the hospital has just granted us custody of to take home. I mean, that’s how I felt anyway.

This isn’t a baby post though. I’ve since learnt to accept and listen to my parents help, that of my MIL, and I even heartily ask around for it now from other parents, especially when it comes to baby girl. Asking for help takes strength. It lets others see your weaknesses, where you are not knowledgeable. But the best type of help comes when you haven’t even asked for it… and then it changes your life.

I am grateful for the help I didn’t even ask for today.

I had my parents over to watch baby girl for a couple of hours today, and while over I showered and decided to clean it at the same time, because I don’t know how you can possibly clean the shower without having to get yourself wet in the process. Before I went up, my Mum mentioned something I could use for the shower floor, mentioning the Jif cream cleanser I had underneath the kitchen sink, and using that with a scouring sponge.

Having been here many, many times, she had seen our shower. I was not proud. I’m not even happy announcing this for the world to know, but I comfort myself that there are other people in the same pain as I am. I was. (Read on for life-changing advice). In the 7 years we’ve been here, I have never really been satisfied with our shower. (That’s a full-blown understatement). I have gotten it to a cleaner state over the years, but to put it lightly, the shower floor devastated me. It was discoloured in places, and the grey splotches made it look like it was even wearing off. Or that’s what I thought the discolouration was. I tried all kinds of shower sponges and scrubs, bleaches, all fancy-shmancy shower products, and still, it was only minutely better. I had started to accept this sight, and looked forward to the day where we could move home and I could have a brand new shower that wasn’t thrashed by the previous owners.

Also, I have OCD. Enough said.

After my Mum mentioned her idea, I thought ‘I have nothing to lose.’ I got the Jif, an old sponge that had a scouring side, and went up.

After just a minute of scouring the cream around the shower floor, I realised what was happening. The ‘wearing off,’ or so I thought it was, was slowly going away… it was discoloured because it was built-up grime. I worked at it hard for a good 5-10 minutes, and after it was washed and I had showered, I was amazed at the end result.

I had to call my Mum up to see. I now had an all-white shower floor.

I don’t care. You might be laughing. Whatever. I swear, when something like this has bugged you for so long, you start to go ‘is it me? Why can’t I get my shower as clean as other showers?’ It was something that just slowly grated at me.

Walking down the stairs, I felt rejuvenated! Brand new! It honestly, felt like a new start. Just because I had listened to my Mum instead of doing the nod and ‘yes Mum’ routine, and taken an old scouring sponge and the bloody Jif that has been sitting under the kitchen sink as long as we’ve been here.

Oh man. I am so grateful. Lesson is this: listen and accept help gratefully. It may just change your life, and if you’re lucky it’ll give you a new shower floor in the process.


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