#46 Getting ahead

Day off from the A-Z challenge, but still good ol’ regular day for this blog of gratitude.

There are many little things I always find to be grateful for each day, yet it is transferring that gratitude into a whole being, a single topic, an interesting event, or a significant moment that is worthy of writing about, that I find hard at times. Today is one such day.

I am grateful for getting ahead. There is nothing wholly of note that I can say ‘this happened, I’m rapt for it,’ or anything like that about this particular day… but what I can say is, we’ve been busy. On the surface, we’ve been lying low, going about our day-to-day business and paying the bills. On the inside though, we’ve been making plans. Big plans.

We’re planning a move, which isn’t anything extraordinary, other than to add that it is a significant move since we will be moving to the other side of the city and leaving all our family and friends behind. We’re still in the same state, but we will be further away.

We’re planning a seachange.

That’s the first time I’ve actually written it down, and the first time I’ve admitted it openly for people to hear about since talking to the lady at the information centre in the town of interest earlier today. We’ve been keeping it hush only because we want to be 100% sure about this move before making such a major announcement – not even our parents know, and we’re slightly apprehensive at the thought of breaking the news to them.

That’s what this post is about. We drove over today to do further research and gain more ideas to add to our collective whole of information, and despite both of us having a dull headache most of the day due to a late Saturday night, I’m actually feeling good. We’ve progressed. I think this is really starting to happen.

It’s that moment when you’ve embarked on something, and you start making plans and getting quite serious… and as you do so, the Universe responds with “ok, here you go. Some answers for you.”

That’s what today has been. It’s that space of nervous excitement, a really great place to be. The Universe has helped us move forward, and I’m ever so grateful to be inching closer to that dream.



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