(#47) The A-Z April Challenge: I – Inspiration, Food

I was annoyed when I made some mashed potato last night only to forget that I had a half an empty carton of cream in the fridge that I could have put in it.

Are you also one of those people, who try to use their leftovers but end up making recipes and having to buy more ingredients in order to use up what’s left? Maybe it’s just me. It’s why I was shitty with the mashed potato situation, because here I was with a meal I didn’t have to buy anything extra for – I could have just gone pour, stir and mash.

(As it was however, even without the cream, the mashies were good).

So today I remembered that half-full carton of cream again. I had a fairly simple idea in mind, Googled some stuff after work, and adapted a more complex recipe into a really, really simple one.

I’m grateful for food inspiration, and equally grateful that what I threw together from my pantry and fridge (genuine leftovers, no buying necessary), I was able to create something pretty yum.

I call it SmikG’s Super Easy Creamy Tomato Pasta!

2016-04-11 20.02.23

I swear, it’s so easy you’ll laugh your way to the kitchen.

I roughly follow recipes, but when I cook for Hubbie and baby girl I just do what I like, taste, modify and serve. So use the following ingredients and method as you wish.


Half a brown onion – diced

2 garlic cloves (I used one massive one) – crushed

1 can diced tomatoes (roughly 400g)

100ml of thickened cream.

Half a packet of pasta, about 250g worth.


Again, I reiterate, the amounts above are based on what I had; had I had more cream, I would have thrown more of a tomato sauce in and put the whole packet of pasta too. Also, this was a side dish for us rather than a stand-alone meal.



1. I cooked the pasta as per packet instructions in salted boiling water.

2. I fried off the onion and then the crushed garlic in some olive oil. After turning translucent, I added the can of diced tomatoes, stirring for up to 10 minutes. Then I added the cream, stirring for another 10 or so minutes. I added the drained pasta to the pan of sauce, stirring until coated, seasoned with salt… and voila!

I told you it was easy. I think you would have gotten the picture with just the mention of my ingredients…

And it tasted pretty good. So simple. So quick. So moorish.

2016-04-11 20.02.56

Day 9 of the A-Z challenge, let’s keep it going peeps…




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