(#48) The A-Z April Challenge: J – Jura

Who? You? Jura? Who or what or where or how is a Jura?

This, my friends, is a Jura.

2016-04-12 23.27.27

Or should I say, it’s a real close-up of one. My one. My Jura.

I used it today too, so it totally counts for today’s ‘J’ grateful word. I am always grateful for my Jura coffee machine, but today apart from my Jeans which I live in, I am grateful for the pretty darn good coffee it provides.

On days when I am housebound due to weather, baby girl napping, and that one time in my life when I had a newborn and was fearful of going into public places with a little baby (because just Mum fears); and on other days when I am not housebound but I just bloody well feel like one – I feel pretty lucky to have a coffee machine that produces as close as possible shop-quality coffee without me actually getting into my car and driving to a café.

That’s just awesome.



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