(#49) The A-Z April Challenge: K- kikki.K calendar

It’s taken me up until the fourth month of this year, to really get myself organised and hang our day-t0-day calendar on the fridge.

To be fair to myself, since it’s one of those huge month a page ones, it needs to be flipped and therefore finding a way to hang it on the fridge appeared difficult. At first I was looking for a little hook with a magnet, to aid the process… in the stores I looked in, none exist.

But today I found this little suction thing that can stick onto many surfaces, including stainless steel.

I’m not grateful for that suction thing. Screw that. I’m grateful for our calendar.

2016-04-14 00.07.06

It really is a fabulous thing. I’m not only a self-confessed glass half-full gal, but I’m also an avid organiser, i.e. OCD gal. It’s such a simple thing, but to look at the following month in a glance, schedule in your appointments and various life obligations, and be able to work out what you’re doing in your spare time and organise accordingly – it’s heaven. Really. Especially for us busy folk, it’s fantastic.

Love my kikki.K calendar (no I don’t work for them, though by reading this post, you could be mistaken for thinking I have shares in the company 😉 )

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