(#54) The A-Z April Challenge: O – Organised Mess

Yesterday was ‘O’ day, and although I was racking my brains trying to work out what on earth I could be grateful for starting with that letter, it is not the reason why I didn’t post this yesterday.

Orange? I didn’t even have any at home. It wasn’t even my fave fruit anyhow. Oxygen? It seemed a tad ordinary to speak about (though totally necessary). Optus? I sure as hell wasn’t going to be thankful for them now, since it was my internet connection through their server going down that made me post this the day after.

Only You? It was one of my favourite movies starring Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr, however I haven’t watched it in ages! Not relevant to my ‘O’ day.

Thinking out loud with all kinds of ‘O’ words, I came across the word ‘Organise’… and with that remembered something I had said to a friend at work earlier that day.

“Organised mess.”

What particular organised mess you may ask?

2016-04-18 21.16.42

I bought the two storage containers to the left last week, adding to the existing ensemble, to store all of baby girl’s toys that inhabit the study. See, she has her room; our study which is her daytime nap room and play room, with the only fixed office item being the printer while the laptop does walkabout around the house; she has toys spread out too in the spare room; corners of the kitchen; and under the stairs, so really she has the run of the house while we just fit in where we can.

I’m all about storage, and organisation, though that can be mighty hard with the accumulation of toys with said child. So baskets and boxes and cute in-betweens are perfect for making things ‘appear’ neater than what they are. Neutral colours and straw baskets add a soft palate that make the toys that live in them seem almost… fancy. LOL.

I’m grateful for my organised mess. It’s easier to live with than if her toys were strewn everywhere, and therefore easier to focus on my writing tasks instead… or trying to reset my net connection ;P


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