(#55) The A-Z April Challenge: P – Presents, Giving

Presents are obviously to most people, fantastic when they are received. I say mostly, because there is someone in my extended family who actually does not like receiving presents. That’s another story.

However, like others too, I really, really enjoy giving presents.

I try to think about what the person wants, rather than getting just a random whatever gift. I think of the present, and make sure it is valuable, rather than scrap. I’d rather spend more than less. In my mind, it’s not good enough if I’ve gone the cheap option. It feels like it’s transparent were it to be a cheap item. I just can’t do it.

I get a good card. Not just any $2 shop stock-standard card – I get an age or relative appropriate one (for example today’s card was for a 2 year-old boy), and I get nice wrapping paper.

I don’t necessarily buy the most expensive present, the dearest card or the finest paper, but I get what I can, I get something good, and most importantly, I always check with myself: am I happy with it? Yes? Good. Then I’m happy to give it.

And knowing that I’m happy with it, well I somehow feel like those feelings transfer to the receiver.

Giving presents is fun if it is done with natural goodwill and heartfelt joy. Not only is the act of giving gratifying, but let’s face it, the fact that we are able to buy for other people and show our love for them at celebratory moments in their lives… that is a custom taken for granted so often, yet one that we should be so grateful for.

And I am.

2016-04-19 17.59.47

8 thoughts on “(#55) The A-Z April Challenge: P – Presents, Giving

  1. Coincidence that my plan for today’s post was about gift giving, too. Sort of. I used to love it more than I do today. I liked to do a special wrapping job and even made my own wrapping paper once. It’s fun to find something you really think is special for someone you love.

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  2. I like giving gifts too – carefully selected for the receiver. But, wrapping paper and cards – it’s the dollar store all the way! I hate spending good money on something that will just get thrown away. Your perspective made me think. 🙂

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    1. Yes, that is true! I know so many people who throw out cards, and of course wrapping paper probably gets thrown out more than it gets recycled (rightly so!) and yet I still like to have a think about it, and try to find a ‘nice’ one. In fact, I keep ALL the cards I get, in many, many, many shoeboxes! I will probably get to a stage where I’m inundated with them and feel like I need to release them, but I also think that one day the messages and events they remind me of will mean a great deal more than their occupying space. Thanks for stopping by and making me think some more 🙂


      1. I scan cards into evernote. (and then throw them away) I love to look back at them – all in one place. It’s so precious to see my Grandma’s handwriting – makes me not miss her so much.

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