(#56) The A-Z April Challenge: Q – Quiet

With the difficulty of today’s letter, I have to wonder how many other bloggers will also go the Quiet route…

However, I am grateful for Quiet, in particular, any Quiet time I get on any day, ever. Having a child means peaceful moments of any kind are rare, and even right now as she sits in her cot, apparently ‘sleeping,’ I can see she is sitting up and waiting for someone to enter and comfort her. It’s the end of the day, and I’m still on edge.

I was fortunate to have about 20 minutes of purely Quiet time today. No baby girl, not even Hubbie was about. I have to wonder if I wasn’t writing about ‘Q’ whether I would have made myself have that break. I don’t care. I did it, and for that I’m grateful for it, ‘Q’ day or no ‘Q’ day.

Here’s what my Quiet time looked like:

2016-04-20 17.07.51

Funnily enough, I love having time out in baby girl’s room. I consider it the loveliest space. It is decorated the nicest, has the most beautiful array of pastel colours, sweet pretty little girl sugary-things… and it also has the luxurious chair and foot rest I used to feed her in during her first year, through all hours of the night. Even though I was in love with this chair before she arrived, I grew to dread it at times because I was so sleep-deprived when I would be in it.

That phase is past though, for now anyway, for this forever baby of mine, so happy memories have returned. And I sit in it at times, when baby girl is downstairs napping in the study, and I usually read, or meditate, if I can force my head to chill for even a few minutes.

Quiet time can actually be exciting.

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