(#57) The A-Z April Challenge: R – RACV Resort


I didn’t exactly stay at such a resort today, but my sister did book our family for a one-night stay in a month’s time, at one.

We have three things happening in the next month for our family, making it one of those busy months that every family has. Our busy months are August, and May. In May we collectively celebrate Mother’s Day, my parents anniversary, and then my Dad’s birthday. We decided on going somewhere for the night and shouting our parents the stay, instead of buying presents for each separate occasion, presents that are so hard to buy year after year. They have everything! A night away, making memories, just sounds perfect. A better present than any material thing either of us could buy.

In thinking of this upcoming stay, and being grateful for what is to come, this getaway prompted other memories: it gave me cause to Reflect, Remember and Reminisce (let’s be clear that these three Rs are not the topic of this post, and I can use them for future gratitude posts!) especially in relation to family moments shared together.

I remembered the surprise 40th anniversary party we threw our parents, and how exceptional the night was, spent with family and friends; I remembered the surprise party we threw for my Mum years later, how genuinely shocked she had been to walk in as we had instructed everyone to park a street away; and then I remembered my Dad’s surprise party, where my sister and I sang a made-up, sentimental and funny song about him in our native tongue, making him cry, and us along with him.

Needless to say, we went through a whole spate of surprise parties.

I’m grateful just for the booking of the resort today, because the cause for celebration has allowed me time to Reflect. I remember all those wonderful memories, and hope… well I know, that one day I’ll be reminiscing about these days.

Someone once said, how wonderful is it to know that the best days of your life are ahead of you?

Too Right.

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