(#59) The A-Z April Challenge: T – Trips away

This will be a quick one, because I’m writing from my hubbie’s 4 year old mobile with out of date browser. Word Press isn’t a fan. Onwards.

Having the opportunity to get away is a true privilege, and a real great reason to be grateful. We live in a city where you are within driving distance (sometimes hours by car, but still) to mountains, sea, hills, wineries and bush retreats. We drove an hour 20 today, and we’re on the other side of the city, near spectacular ocean views.

Sometimes a quick trip is all you need. Sometimes you come back to life reinvigorated, ready to go full steam. Other times you ask yourself “why don’t we actually do this?” (as we asked ourselves a few months ago).

I’m grateful for the ability to do this. Trips like this can sometimes, change your life forever.

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