(#61) The A-Z April Challenge: U – Unknown

Being that the unknown can kind of represent nothing, it seems redundant to write about it for ‘U’ day. However I’m talking about the unknown that presents itself to us in our everyday lives, the unknown in our future, in things, in the everyday routine of life.

We’ve returned from our long-weekend getaway, from the place that we’re intending on Sea changing it to. We feel we have more answers than questions after visiting the location once again, and yet although we are more definite about our decision to move, there are still so many things we don’t know… we think we will love it. We think things will turn out. We think we have a sure-fire back-up plan. And yet we think we think we think, when really we don’t know ANYTHING. It is all unknown.

The unknown can be scary. The unknown can be exciting.

Likewise, knowing too much can be scary; conversely, knowing too much of impending happiness, can also be exciting.

Which is the preferred?

I am a curious cat, yet I believe the unknown is much more conducive to living a happier life. We are meant to live life in the present, one step at a time: not stuck in the past, not worried too much about the future.

Life is a challenge, which is why we are not meant to know everything. If we did, there would be no growth, and there would be no point in living, because there would be no life. What’s that really negative quote, about the only thing certain in life being taxes, and death? Well it’s true.

Right now we have so many unknowns…but that’s good. I mean, we’re alive after all. I’m grateful for it.


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