(#63) The A-Z April Challenge: W – Wind

Today was a tug of war between ‘work’ and ‘wind.’ I did have other inspirations floating in, but these were the main two having it out in the boxing ring. Yes, I am grateful for work, quite often actually, but that’s a post for another day. Today ‘wind’ won out, and that’s not something I always say. In fact, I rarely say it.

Brace yourself wind. Today is your lucky day.

Wind, on most days it is around, shits me. I consider it the worst weather condition. It really has no business anywhere to be honest (well maybe out on sea to assist sailors – but there too it could blow in the wrong direction and piss everybody off).

In Winter it just makes things that much more dreary. Depressing. Difficult. In Spring it gives many people the most fantastic of symptoms, hayfever, and in Summer it turns a beautiful sunny day into an irritating one as you clutch your dress in one hand, hair in the other, looking like a waddling penguin as you barge into the outdoors.

However, today we are in Autumn. We have been experiencing a pleasant spell of mid-20s weather this week, which is fantastic. Summer is holding on. It was a mild night, and so as I walked into work, looking out across the water, I felt a gentle breeze stirring my hair. It was a firm waft, but nothing too disruptive.

As I walked home later that day, the wind had a much stronger current. The kind of strong that when it pushes itself against you, you need to fight hard to walk into it and not get picked up and carried away into that water I was observing so peacefully that morning, strong. So really, insane strong.

But, it was still mild. Warm. And I was happy. Had it been a touch cooler, I still would have been happy. You know why? I took a different perspective on it. The wind was invigorating. It hit my face and threw my hair about, but I relished in the feeling of being alive. The wind reminded me I could feel. I was alive, and here, and I was so grateful for the reminder.

That’s probably the only day I’ll ever be grateful for the wind, but I’ll take it.


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