#67 Two Easters

I’ve been raised in a Catholic family – perhaps not die-hard, practicing Catholic… but it was our religion. Is. I went to Sunday School at one point, did my Reconciliation, Communion, and then the final Confirmation… and after that our church visits ceased. It was really only for me to do the accepted church thing at my age. I don’t blame my parents or begrudge them, as they are not the only ones who made their children do things that were considered the norm, only to not follow through in life with their own examples. I was cool with not going. I think most people at that age are, and even now, many people don’t like the idea of going to church, like it makes them a weird person or overly obsessive or something.

I don’t know. I mean, yeah it has gotten a bad rap in recent times with all these horrible  allegations of church child abuse… Nowadays though, if I feel like I want to go, for whatever reason, I’ll go. Actually Hubbie and I often say that we should go, on any given random day and just pay tribute, not so much to the church, but to our beliefs and to the guy at the church who married us and christened our baby girl too (ahem, that would be the Priest). We haven’t, but we always say we should.

Rambling now. But my point is, we want to go on an ‘everyday’ Sunday, rather than the day that ALL people go on just to say that they went… like for Christmas, or Easter.

Speaking of my segue, I’m grateful for Easter. Because I have two. And it’s because of religion.

Yes I was raised in a Catholic family. But my Mum comes from an Orthodox background. So growing up, although we celebrated Christmas and Easter when most of the world did too, on the days listed in the calendar, I was always aware of the other days that were celebrated, often because I was there at the parties that my cousins, on my Mum’s side, threw.

It was so normal to me. Then, years later, I met Hubbie, and his family are Orthodox too. Now even more so, we celebrate these main occasions twice: first for MY Easter – then for HIS.

Today was HIS Easter.

2016-05-01 21.46.05

I think it’s pretty cool, to be able to celebrate something like this twice. When a day is filled with gift-giving, eating and drinking, sharing traditions and memories with your immediate family, who wouldn’t want to celebrate that more than once? I baked many sweet treats on the traditional calendar Easter day, and yes, the majority of our festivities usually fall on that mainstream celebrated day. I mean, that’s when the public holidays fall. But I decided weeks ago that I should really make an effort for the Orthodox Easter, and so I baked my hot cross buns again.

Sometimes I get an odd question from people who don’t know my background too well – knowing I’m of European descent, they ask: “do you celebrate Easter/Christmas on the normal day, or the other day?” Their question may be perfectly innocent, however I can hear the tone in it. They think it is weird or just can’t quite grasp why it is the way it is, that there is not one, but two Easters. I just politely answer that yes we celebrate the main day, but we also celebrate the other too.

I don’t know why people find it so strange. It’s bizarre to me that people shy away from things they don’t understand, rather than trying to learn some more about them and become better educated, and more socially aware in the process. To me, Easter is Easter. Whether we celebrated it at the end of March, or today, or on both occasions, it really doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we’re getting together and celebrating, making memories and eating hot cross buns. That’s the most important thing 🙂

2016-05-01 11.55.54


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