#69 7 Year Anniversary

Today I’m grateful to have reached 7 years…  because on this date 7 years ago, Hubbie and I married.

Before anyone can whisper ‘7 year itch,’ let me tell you that we are past all that, having been together much, much longer than the 7 years we’ve been married. 16 in total.

That’s a long time. When I think of how we were then, versus how we are now, it’s like looking back at a couple of babies. We were young and naïve, so fresh and new to the world. Now we are older (still young!), wiser, and a little more weary of the world.

But one thing hasn’t changed since then, and that’s our love and commitment to one another. It is often said that marriage doesn’t solve your problems, and in fact it can often amplify them, and so the same can be said for parenthood. Through marriage and this new stage in our lives, we have received problems, fought against them, but most importantly we’ve dealt with them, because we wanted to. I think that’s a big factor in successful relationships, that of wanting to resolve and compromise with one another to reach a solution. As hard as it can be, I always think of the quote Oprah LOVED repeating on her show:

“Would you rather have peace, or would you rather be right?”


However, as much as being married places stresses on your relationship, what with the added responsibility and obligations, we’ve also revelled in being ‘us,’ and creating our own unique space, our little domestic bliss where we can do and say and be whoever we want to be. It’s a comforting, supportive, freeing place.

Additionally, just as being parents can throw a whole set of other problems into the loop – and boy is it easy to be cranky at one another when you are lacking sleep, privacy and most important sanity – again, we’ve thrived on this new chapter. Baby girl has made us stronger, and our love for her and for our family as a whole, has strengthened our respect and love for one another ten-fold.

I am grateful for our 7 years. And I hope for unlimited more.

2016-05-03 22.03.36

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