#70 My Car

Today, I got my car repaired. Finally, after over 2 months since THAT accident, the one that was the catalyst behind me starting this blog in the first place, the car is now back in our driveway, all shiny and new again.

Yeah, I’m rapt. I’m happy. But I’m not giving my main thanks to it, today. Nope. I’m grateful today for my very first car, my old paint-peeling, brick-dented, though totally reliable car that has been faithful to me ever since I got my Ps and turned 18. So dependable, that I never needed another car in all this time. It is still dependable, but I think after 14 years of driving the same car, I’m kind of overdue for a new one.

We’re still keeping it for the time being, just as a ‘run around.’ But still, as I moved my cds, mints and tissues from my first car to the new one, I couldn’t help but get sentimental over it, and I just sat in the driver’s seat, thinking…

My first car has taken me everywhere. It has taken us everywhere. Who is ‘us?’ Well obviously Hubbie and I, having taken day trips to country, bush and seaside locations within the state.

It took me and my 3 friends on a girly trip many, many years ago  – 4 girls and all their bags and crap that was just for a 3 night stay! It lugged us all there.

It’s taken me from one side of the city, to the other, on many an occasion. I drive far to work, and it has never failed me.

It’s seen all kinds of visitors: friends, work colleagues, cousins, friend’s cousins…

It’s driven people who are no longer with us.

It’s driven Hubbie’s friends, family and his work colleagues too.

I’ve dropped people off, picked them up – a real pick-me-up vehicle it is.

It’s driven my parents, the one’s who got me the car, EVERYWHERE. I took joy on the occasions where I drove my sister around too, as she used to drive me around so much when I was a little girl.

It’s driven animals – oh man, I just remembered my childhood cat. It drove my precious tabby to the vet, where it had to be put down, unknown to me at that time.

It’s driven our bird, as we’ve cooed to it comfortingly so it doesn’t flap its wings ferociously out of fear.

Most importantly… it took a two-year old baby girl home from the hospital, with a couple of terrified though excited parents within it too. It’s driven her since.

It’s seen some fun times too, oh man it has. It’s been a party in that car! We’ve had music blaring, heads sticking out of the sunroof as we drove down Lygon… people have jumped out of the car in traffic to perform songs for the other nearby cars as we’ve waited at the lights. Oh yeah.

We’ve had deep and meaningfuls in that car. Secrets have been told. Memories shared. Betrayals exposed. There have been really decent arguments too. The expression ‘if these walls could talk?’ Well if those seats could spill…

… so I sat there thinking. My eyes welled up a bit as I thanked it for all it had done for me, for us, for our lives, and for looking out for me all this time.

“I will never forget you. You will always be my first.”

Some people may think ‘it’s just a clunky piece of metal.’ It sure is. But that clunky piece of metal has seen and been part of and privy to some life-changing, memory-making, soul-wrenching stuff… that makes it about as important as any other person in my life, wouldn’t you agree?


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