#71 The sleepsuit

I was so giddy with excitement at the Baby Bunting store yesterday, feasting my eyes happily on the ErgoPouch sleepsuit, complete with legs.

We were there to move baby girl’s car seat from my old car to my new one, and I had been planning for weeks, with the sure arrival of their Winter stock, to upgrade her sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags for babies and toddlers, are in my humble opinion, the best invention EVER. I cannot think of one baby/child item that is superior to this type of sleepwear. Maybe it is so good because of its design and the end result – being a bag as such that the child can sleep in, and thick enough that additional blankets aren’t required, at that stage of life where blankets inevitably always end up at the other side of the cot/bed, pushed to the side, or on the floor, it is a saviour in that it helps the child sleep comfortably and snugly, therefore letting the parents sleep soundly.

Who am I kidding. It helps the Mum sleep soundly.

Baby girl has always been a wriggler. In her swaddling days, she would wriggle her hands free most nights. When I didn’t have to swaddle, I used other swaddling tricks, such as this one:


This one I also loved. It helped as it allowed her to raise her arms up, which was her preferred sleeping method (and for many others babies, apparently). Soon after though, I came across sleeping bags, and while she was crawling and learning to walk, I thought it was just damn super. It helped her to stay calm and positioned without moving too much, something I think definitely keeps them up at night. Having the slight restriction of the sleeping bag, was a God send. Is. I mean, the point of sleeping is not to move, right? This was helping her settle and get into that habit. And I didn’t have to worry about wayside blankets either.

Anyway… I kept her in sleeping bags until one night ago. She’s a walker, a mover, a shaker… yet still I loved how the sleeping bag kept her in place at night. Baby girl being who she is, still managed to shuffle along in it and jump around in her cot, but it was minimal.

A while back I read somewhere about the ‘sleeping bag with legs,’ and was immediately entranced. It would still keep her warm, but keep her happy because she could walk? Really?

I soon discovered that the ErgoPouch brand that was one main leader in these sleep bag/suits with legs was actually created by an Australian Mum – love love love! My obsession grew, eventually leading me to almost clap with excitement as I finally saw the brand name on the sample sleepsuit in the baby store yesterday.

It can be converted from sleeping bag


to a sleeping suit with legs!


(we actually got that colour too)

I don’t know how Mums did it back in the day, but I swear, there are so many wonderful resources and items to help make your life, and bubs life more convenient. I LOVE living in this day and age where if I have a problem with baby girl, Google will help me find the answer and solve it, and there are a wealth of baby products to help with almost anything out there. I absolutely love it, and I am so grateful for the ErgoPouch sleep suit bag – it’s a contest between baby girl and I over who loves it more!

(I am definitely not being paid for this! All over-excitable opinions are strictly my own 🙂 )


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