#72 Baby girl’s Fun

I try not to constantly refer to my happiness over baby girl, only because I think it bores even the most patient of people, even fellow parents. But I swear, if you had seen her tonight, you would understand why.

We saw my side of the family tonight for a family function shin-dig, and I knew that her cousin, about her age as well, would be there. Yes they are cousins, but technically they are 3rd generation cousins. There’s still blood there nonetheless. And being the cute adorable girls that they are, they tore up the dancefloor, squealed at the lights flashing, and stole the show, getting everyone’s eyes on them.

It just made me so happy. I was happy and grateful that she had

1) a friend to play with her age,

2) a friend to play with her age who was also her cousin, and

3) a friend to play with her age who was also her cousin who she would grow up together with, making heaps of memories along the way.

Wow. Just Wow. Most of my cousins are older than me, a couple younger, and although my childhood was beyond awesome, I didn’t have the kind of camaraderie that I see she’s going to have.  For me this is something really special. I’m rapt for her. But most importantly, the smile on her face tonight warmed my heart. 🙂


(Deliberate blurry photo by the way 😉 )


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