#76 Simultaneous Upcoming Days off

I’m happy because right now it’s Tuesday night. And I am grateful because it means Hubbie has the day off with me tomorrow.

His two days off per week don’t arrive in a pair on the weekend like the majority of the 9-5ers out there. He gets Wednesdays and Sundays off, something we’ve gotten really accustomed to.

There’s many advantages of having a day off from work mid-week. Firstly, you can get a lot of shit done that just becomes too hard on the weekend, especially with completing odd jobs when other businesses close on the weekends too.

Having a day off mid-week means you can get your shit together quicker – no annoying crowds as you go about your day, whether it’s shopping for food, or shopping for clothes! You get served quicker, and the time and assistance you receive from salespeople is much more genuine and meaningful.

Lastly, the one he particularly likes – the mid-week break. He works long hours, so working two days on, one day off, and then 3 days on, helps BIG TIME. It means the work week feels that much more shorter and less impending.

I love these reasons, and I’m grateful that I’m sitting here in front of the telly, 11pm at night… and instead of being asleep in bed, he’s next to me.

Guess what? We’re both grateful 🙂

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