#80 My Family

You know some nights, how as soon as you enter the room, you just KNOW it’s going to be a fantastic night?

Well, that happened, again tonight. Walking into my parents’ house with hubbie and baby girl beside me, greeting them and my sister and bro-in-law, my nephews, the hugs and kisses all around followed by immediate smiles and laughs. I felt the vibe. I’d felt it before.

I’m so fortunate to be in the midst of such an amazing family. I consider myself lucky every time we meet. I love them all so, so much, and I hope they don’t mind me;) No seriously, I know how lucky I am. We have a wealth of memories and great times behind us, yet we have also endured and have experienced some hardships which we have fought with all our might along the way… and are still fighting. But our love is strong, we are family, and boy is mine a bloody freaking fantastic one.

I love how we all just gel together. I love our talks. The conversation. The D&Ms. The music playing on repeat. The getting excited for the future. The food, the drink. The constant commotion from all the kids. The brutal honesty. The stirring. The photos, the video.

The support. The kindness. The respect.

The cherishing. The love. The loyalty.

And to think… we have just as many of these unforgettable memories ahead of us too.

I am forever grateful for them.

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