#82 Fast Car

I’ve got a fast car

I’ve got a ticket to anywhere…

My old car, bless it’s soul, was an average, everyday car. I still consider it the best car, in terms of where it has taken me and how reliable it has been, and I still love it to this day. It still sits outside our house. But, although it was the terminator in some departments, it went at a relatively steady pace. It wasn’t fast.

Modestly speaking… my new car, is fast.

Of course, it’s not like, Ferrari fast. At least I don’t think so. No no no, it can’t be. Compared to other road cars (not race cars) it is pretty damn good.

I’m not some huge car person. Hubbie is the one who did the research, found the car, and then we went and saw it before buying it. I just wanted a bloody new car, that’s all. I think after 14 years of driving the same one, I kind of deserved it. It wasn’t brand brand new, but it was pretty darn close. I, was rapt.

And then, the speed. Along with being a great car, with many exciting features, how fast it goes sometimes makes me go ‘tee hee hee’ in delightful giddiness. I don’t use it for speeding, but it’s so satisfying to be able to overtake and enter traffic with relative ease. Slight press of the accelerator –


And bang! I’m in front of you.

And you know what? It’s the best fast car colour. Red.

I’m not just grateful. I’m rapt.


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