#84 Ticking off annoying, long-standing, to-dos

You know those pesky jobs you just keep putting off because you’d much rather be like, buying clothes, having a coffee, going to the park, or really doing anything else in the world other than that?

We got a few of those annoying jobs done today, which made us feel great. They’ve been on the to-do list for weeks, months, and another, years.

The ‘weeks’ one: get another car seat cover for the passenger side of the new car – done.

The ‘months’ one: get a leather couch cleaner for all the pen marks ‘artistically’ applied by baby girl, also required just as a general clean for the couches we’ve had for 7 years – done.

The ‘years’ one: get a new toilet seat (do I need to discuss why? Let’s just say it was necessary) – done.

Oh man it feels good to know these things are over with. It wasn’t that hard to do, we just needed to decide to buy these things, and follow through by subsequently getting off our arses and out the door. And the longer something stays on your to-do list, no matter how simple the task may be, the harder it actually becomes just due to the length of time it’s remained stuck on the list (mentioned in this Book Review as well).

I’m grateful these jobs are completed, and the satisfaction that followed ticking off said jobs is a relief… the car seat cover is in the car, but now we just need to clean the couches, and change the toilet seat… hmmm…

Another day. Baby steps.

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