#85 Baby girl loves her vegies

Today we were doing the weekly grocery shop and out of curiosity I asked baby girl “where’s the silverbeet?”

It’s a game we play when we’re doing the shopping. I ask her for where things are, even though I obviously know where, but it keeps her busy, focused on doing something other than climbing out of the trolley/running away from me/driving me mad, and it obviously gives her a bit of education too when it comes to fruit and veg.

We ate a lot of silverbeet last year, stopping when it was out of season… and then there was the business of the slimy bug I found within its leaves. I get that bugs crawl around many fruit and veg, which is why we need to wash them, but still. It creeped me out on some other level, and I avoided it for a LONG time.

But I was thinking I needed to get over it, and out of curiosity asked baby girl the above question, wondering if she still remembered what it was when we hadn’t eaten, or mentioned it in over 6 months…

In response, she firmly pointed in its direction. When I asked if she wanted me to buy it, her grunt was adamant!

2016-05-19 19.25.34

Boiled silverbeet alongside Nasi Goreng, was had for dinner tonight. My recipe for silverbeet comes from my lovely sister, and all you do is boil the silverbeet after washing all the leaves well (individually to be sure) and when it’s turned a deeper green and is wilted (no more than half an hour) add some olive oil and squeeze some lemon juice into the silverbeet/water. Leave the silverbeet in the lemon-y/oily water, and remove leaves as desired with tongs. Then enjoy, hot, or later when it’s cooled down.

But, I digress. Baby girl loves this silverbeet recipe. In fact she loves most vegies. Corn and peas are number one. And following is cucumber, tomatoes, broccoli, beans, asparagus, capsicum and potato (of course). I’m one proud Mama, but I’m also super grateful she is willing to eat these foods, and even enjoys them. I mean, this is the one stage of her life that I have any strong and direct influence over her eating habits… she has all her life to eat whatever she likes and I won’t be able to say a thing, so I’ll use this opportunity to impact on her eating habits and encourage healthy ones, as best I can.


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