#87 Making scones with baby girl

I haven’t made them in years. Don’t get me wrong, I love making sweet stuff, but scones have just evaded me. I think I made them once, something like 5 years ago.

We got some lovely champagne and strawberry jam a while back, and I was like “right! I’m going to make scones!”

And today, as I was struggling to get everything ready in the kitchen, mixing the flours, rubbing the butters into it, and trying to keep baby girl busy and out of my way at the same time, I asked myself ‘why don’t I keep her busy and with me?’

I pulled up a chair and got her to sit next to the bench as I formed the dough. She already knew I was making scones, and had pointed to the picture in my Nigella cookbook several times only that day. She was tentative at first, being uncertain of the dough texture, but soon I had her punching the dough flat with me. She loved it.

I watched her proudly, this mini-me, already helping Mama in the kitchen. Oh man it warmed my soul. I’m so excited by this phase.

I’m grateful to have shared such a beautiful moment with her, and so grateful that this will hopefully be the start of many more making and baking moments together… but you know what she loved more than the scones in their baked and finished product?

The whipped cream. This girl will have her cake, and the icing too, thank you very much.

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