#89 6 stack CD player

One of the things that excited me most in getting my new car was not the speed. Yes, it’s awesome, but initially I was like ‘cool.’ Just cool.

It’s not that it’s red – the best car colour going around. I love that, but it didn’t really thrill me.

It’s not that it has little lights AND mirrors for both passenger and driver (usually the driver has to use the rear-view mirror to check themselves out) – in this beauty I get both, and I can re-apply lipstick with ease. But no, my convenient beauty bathroom was not the reason for my happiness.

I was super-excited, and super-grateful, for my 6 stack CD player.

Woah. What now? I’ve been living in the 90s? Excuse me while I catch up.

Having 6 CDs in your car at once, is almost like having a personal DJ. You don’t like this song? Not quite in the mood for this artist… but damn I’m on the freeway –

Wait! Just press a button and pick from anyone of many more artists for your listening pleasure.

It feels like such a luxury. I probably sound so pre-historic right now. You’re all probably with your 20 stack CD players, flying past me in your ultra-bright red, super lit-up interiors with your personal make-up stylist blowing your hair plugged into the remote electric socket nearby. I get it.

(I mean, you can have close to unlimited music with an ipod or mp3 player – mine has those connectors too… tee hee hee)

But there’s just something about being able to have several CDs in your player at once… it feels like cheating. You’re not meant to flit back and forth between artists, but these amazing devices let you commit adultery on them in the most horribly fantastic way.

Ricky starts singing “Jaleo”… sorry Ricky! – button press. Some George please.

Mr Michael starts with “I’m never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got – “ – sorry  George! button press. Me feels like some Beyoncé!

And on and on it goes.

I’m bloody loving it.

Just for some extra fun, the 6 CDs currently in my car are my top 6 fave artists, plus one. The esteemed albums are:

Ricky Martin – Almas del Silencio

George Michael – Twenty Five (disc 2: for loving)

Prince and the Revolution – Purple Rain

Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience (the first one)

Madonna – Rebel Heart

and my plus one, Beyoncé – self-titled



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