#93 Cold (Winter) walks in the Sun

Brackets, because really, we’re not into Winter yet. But if you had been in Melbourne two days ago, you would have been forgiven in thinking we were in the depths of this most gloomy of seasons.

But you know, I’m finding more and more reasons to find Winter NOT so gloomy. Maybe it’s in an attempt to not feel so down about it not being Summer. Maybe it’s because I’m a forever glass half-full gal. Maybe it’s because I have nothing to really complain about, and so I should look for positive and inspiring things. Nonetheless, there’s something refreshing and awakening about a cold walk on a sunny day.

Every thing is still. Everything is peaceful. Random cat in a driveway, sleeping peacefully under the watchful eye of the sun’s glare. Dogs aren’t barking when you pass on by. Every so often, it’s not just grass, but a bright yellow flower amongst the footpath shrubbery, and baby girl gasps.

Oh yeah. And there’s this amazing creature right here.

2016-05-27 15.08.29

She smiles up at me in obvious contentment as we begin our walk. She takes my hand eagerly, but then slowly draws it away when she sees our neighbours dog sniffing the pavement up ahead, her hands clawing together in imagination of what she’d like to do to him.

She is headstrong, and doesn’t want to hold my hand, but I make her do it nonetheless. And when she’s too busy looking around at the peaceful surroundings, and misses a rise in the footpath, I’m there to hold her upwards and catch her stumble.

She laughs as I over-exaggerate the chill in the air: “Brrr! It’s cold!” She tips her head back, overjoyed. She deliberately crunches on the dead leaves on the ground, and then we copy each other the rest of the way home: jogging; stomping; walking backwards; and even galloping on the side. Before we know it, our house is in view again.

It’s blissful moments like today, that make Winter days pretty damn good. But it’s not even Winter. But I’m grateful already. Take that snowman.

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