#96 We’re all cats, and we all love the sunshine

I don’t care if you are a dog lover ONLY and you despise cats (harrumph, sad human you are), but if you like going outdoors on a sunny day, then you fit into the above category. You are a feline, and there is no denying it.

I took my lunch break while at work today to go to the local Woolies and buy some stuff for dinner tonight – aptly, ingredients to make some tomato soup, as the recent colder weather definitely promotes it.

I work in a part of the city, that frankly put it, can appear dead on weekends when the 9-5 Monday to Friday is over… and also, when it is cold. On these days, you wonder where all these work people are – what kind of jobs do they do? What kind of offices do they inhabit? Are they sad like me, that it is so miserably cold? Is there any kind of life here at all? Am I just kidding myself that I’m the only one at work?

And then, on days like today, they all come out to play. Like pussycats.

2016-05-30 13.32.38

It’s not Winter yet, however the weather has taken a biting downward turn. Despite this, and the brisk air as I described it today (nicely put instead of icy), when the sun came out, so too did the people.

And I was appreciative for this. I was appreciative that we live in a society where generally, people do want to mingle. They want to get out, they want to get some vitamin D… if they are cranky, the light makes them feel better. If they are sad, the warmth fills them with something that nothing else can. If they are restless, a walk outside can reset their heads and make them brand new again. If they are over-worked, gossiping with their colleagues outside will free their worries.

It’s lovely to be a part of a thriving and bustling work scene. Because no matter how hard the day may be, whether you are a tabby, a Maine Coon or a Siamese, when we all meet out in the sunshine, we’re all joint in mutual play, free from work, if only for a small portion of the day.

Yet that portion makes all the difference. I love to be amongst this animal variety, and I love that this majority, rules. How gratifying and inspiring it is, to know so many gravitate towards the sun?!


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