#98 Bold, and Beautiful characters


My #98 gratitude came to me, about an hour after posting my #97 one last night.

Although between these two posts, no sleep was had… therefore, #97 was written, #98 was realised later, and only then sleep followed, technically, #98 is relevant for today’s post, because it did occur about midnight.

I am talking of course, about the best soap opera in the world.

I got giddy like my teenage self watching Taylor or Stephanie absolutely rip through Brooke, in the Taylor-Ridge-Brooke, seemingly never-ending love-triangle days that endured for too many years to count.

No. It wasn’t them I got excited about. Their story is long over. For now, in TV land anyway. We all know that can change in a stupid instant.

No. This is the new generation. Liam, the only real one true love of Steffy, Ridge’s late Mother’s namesake and his daughter with Taylor, their love triangle NOW involving his half-brother Wyatt (I say NOW because they have had other people impose themselves in the triangle), completely manufactured by Wyatt’s Mum.

I know, you need me to explain. I will happily do so.

In the shortest nutshell I can muster (which is incredibly difficult in the world of the Forrester’s so I will do my best, please appreciate that), Wyatt’s Mum Quinn is a psycho. Overly obsessed with her only son, she is convinced that the woman for him is Steffy. This is a problem, because Liam and Steffy have been trying to get it right for years. Just when they’re about to get married *shit happens*, and then as Liam is about to talk things over with his ‘maybe’ fiancé (things are tense with him and Steffy at this point), he passes out (as you often do in TV land)… but the catch is this… he does so in front of Quinn. She puts him in his car, and takes him back to her place (because you do that, you don’t take them to a hospital, or call for help), and when she realises upon his opening his eyes that he has completely, and I mean COMPLETELY lost his memory, knows nothing of his background or what he does or even who he is, she takes advantage, and decides that she will pretend that they are married, in order to keep him locked up in the house, ‘recuperating,’ and at the same time out of the picture so that in his absence her son and Steffy will unite. And ultimately, through a series of nasty tricks performed by her to make Steffy believe Liam is gone forever, they get married.


It’s full on. People may think it a touch radical, I mean, the random fainting by him in the first place part (mentioning but one part). But I think this will eventually be explained because prior to that fall, he hit his head on the bathroom sink in the narrow toilet in an airplane cabin, as he was tending to his ex on the way back to Australia. I like him, but the clumsy fella slipped on some water as he was wetting a towel for her, and of course, as it happens often in soap opera land, the plane took off for Australia with him in it.

I mean. Yeah.

But this is what I love about the show! It infuriates me and excites me on the same level. Only in soap operas, and books, can fantastical scenarios like this play out. They are so ridiculous, they can almost be true. Almost.

So, what made me excited last night? I was freaking out at the TV, as Wyatt on an impromptu notion, decided to stop by his Mum’s, only to find her and Liam, his half-brother Liam, kissing (technically, Quinn is allowed to kiss Liam, they are not blood related, Liam and Wyatt share the same Dad, different Mum’s, and despite the fact she is older… well, TV land. They all look 20 or 30, right?) and freaks out!

“Mum, what are you doing? Liam?”

And then the killer! Ahhh I’m dying just thinking about it!

Liam to Quinn: “who is this guy? What did you just call me?”

Wyatt, shocked: “Come on man. It’s me. Liam?”

Then to his Mum. “What did you do to him Mum?”

(Sorry, that should be “What did you do to him Mom?”)



I have to say, great acting in this part of the episode. Soap stars get a bit of a bad rap, what with the long stars, quivering eyes, crocodile tears and what-not, but here… man they had me going. Their expressions were priceless. Liam’s confusion; Wyatt’s shock to sinking horror; Quinn’s guilt.

I am grateful, for this show in my life. The Bold and the Beautiful.

Let’s just take the title firstly. What a name. You’d expect someone renowned like Shakespeare to have that line in his plays. It is not a title that describes location, what happens in the show, or the underlying theme. It’s the people, the characters.

They are bold. And they certainly are beautiful.

I have been watching this show, since I was about 11. No kidding. Back then it would play at 1pm, so it was only really watchable on school holidays. Still, my friends and I did it. I don’t even know how I came to start watching it, only knowing that it was concerning the Ridge-Taylor-Brooke love triangle.

I was, and always will be, a Ridge-Taylor shipper.

I still remember seeing the episode, where Ridge married Brooke after believing Taylor had died in a plane crash. Of course we all know the most likely ending in soap world. Really, she did not, choosing to make her entrance as he was sipping some wine.

Slow motion… crash as the glass falls to the floor and alcohol spills everywhere. Ridge stares horrified at what he believes is a ghost… could it be? Is it her? His beloved Doc?

I remember it like it was yesterday.

When I was about 14 or so, the timeslot changed to 4:30. Women around the country rejoiced. My Mum happened to watch some episodes when the late and great Sally was shot. Mystery ensued over ‘who was it?’ At this time, my Dad started to wonder where we would disappear to at about the same half hour every day, and soon joined in the viewing to see what the fuss was all about.

To this day they are still avid B&B fans. If they miss an episode, it’s a real downer. So it rarely happens.

My sister also watched bits and pieces of it while on maternity leave with her first son. And for a decent portion of time, Hubbie watched it with me too… I even got him into regular viewing! Then he started working crazy hours, so he misses out nowadays, but when he happens to see something, he kind of knows what’s going on within 5 minutes.

That’s the thing with soap operas. It doesn’t take long to get clued in on the involvements of the characters, even if you’ve missed them for a few months.

So, why do I love the show so much?

It’s a few things. I’ve grown up with it. In a weird day, the characters have become part of my extended family. I need to know what is going on with them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting there glued to the telly every single time I watch. Most of the time I’m multi-tasking, primarily with laptop on me as I look up every so often when something gets heated. This show gives you the flexibility to do that. You can pop in and out of the room, and the same two characters have been discussing their surrogacy with the wife’s sister over 3 episodes.

I’m used to them, and I like having them around. They’re part of my background, and when something doesn’t go right with my faves, I get a little shitty. Often I get pissed off with the writers, yelling “how can she fall three times and end up in hospital? She’s f%$king clumsy! Don’t blame Steffy, Liam!”

Like I said, soap operas and books.

I’m grateful that I have a happy place, a comfortable place, and a meaningful place with this show. Having been in my life for so long, there are so many memories attached to it, that in a weird and slightly pathetic way, if it ever ended, that part of my life would end too. It’s weird how movies and shows and books can have this all-encompassing effect on us. But it happens, and we’ll be obsessed and overcome with people and events and situations that aren’t even real.

I don’t need to understand it all. I don’t need to know why. I just need to see if Wyatt is going to rip through his Mum, and how long ’til Liam gets his freaking memory back. And then I wanna see him reunite with Steffy, even though she’s now married to his brother.

So I’ll be off now.



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