#100th post!

I am pretty darn rapt that I’ve made it to the 100th post of my gratitude blog. Not that I didn’t think it would happen, but I’m grateful that it happened with very little drama, negativity, or lack of grateful days on my part.

I’ve been lucky. This has been the easy part.

I’ve found it interesting how I’ve been able to find moments of gratitude, in people, events, and things around me, and in doing so these things have placed a mark of importance on my life. It sounds weird, but think about it. I might just be having a quiet day with baby girl at home, washing and cooking and cleaning… but then when I take her to two, not one park, I go ‘hey. I’m pretty fortunate we can do this when one park is housing frog-throated coughing children.’

Or my morning coffee walk at work with my colleagues. (I had to mention coffee, didn’t I?) Most work days blend in and out of each other, all the same hue, but that day we walked to get coffee which I later re-posted, in doing so capturing a fun memory of all of us gossiping and purging ourselves of our work sins.

Suddenly these ‘everyday’ days, become so much more. I’ve captured not just one memory, but in doing so, reminded myself that there is so much more of that. I do coffee runs ALL THE TIME. We alternate between parks. I know I look for different things to be grateful for each day, but how lovely is it to be continually grateful for the same things? That’s what this blog does for me.

I know there will be hard days. Long days. Sorrowful days. I just hope that by the time those days come, I will have gathered enough gratitude, and practiced looking for it in the tightest of corners, that even if I feel that I just can’t, I will be able to at least Hope for gratitude in future days… because Hope in itself is something to hang on to, and to be truly appreciative of. In the absence of nothing, Hope is everything.

(If you need a reminder on how this all started, click this link which takes you to the aptly named ‘How this all started’…)

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